Want to help us grow?  We're fundraising for our upcoming show, boom.
boom is a fiscally sponsored project of C4 Atlanta, so all donations you make are tax-deductible.
We adhere to a minimalist aesthetic for both practical and philosophical reasons. We want as few things on the stage to distract from the story as possible, and we want to keep our costs down.  All that we need and nothing we don’t.
There are some things we have to buy, though.  The three biggest items in our budget, in order, are renting performance space, licensing production rights, and paying our cast and crew.
With your help and generosity, we’ll be able to expand our technical capabilities with lights and sound. (We do have to simulate the end of the world on stage, after all.)  We’ll be able to keep our set and props on the right side of the minimalist-to-shoddy continuum.  And most importantly, we’ll be able to pay our people what they deserve.
Your dollars will not be wasted on the extraneous or the vain.  Every cent will go toward what is necessary to make the show happen and toward paying the brilliant artists who’ve signed on to this show for pure love of the craft, with no hope of treasure awaiting them.
Here's how we can use your money:
$600 buys us one week in the theatre
$80 buys performance rights for one night
$30 buys a lighting instrument
$10 buys 100 programs
Click here to donate!  (You will be directed away from our site to C4 Atlanta's.)
Short on cash but still want to help?  You can donate items in-kind for a tax deduction too!
We need:
Unopened packaged candles
Tampon boxes
Flashlights and electric lanterns
A light board
Lighting instruments (par cans, lekos, LEDs, anything)
Dimmer packs
If you have any of these items, email us!  Also, you're more than welcome to simply lend us these items, but we can't give you a deduction for that.

C4 Atlanta is a fantastic organization that helps artists all over Georgia.  Here's the lowdown on them.

C4 Atlanta Inc. is a nonprofit arts service organization whose mission is to connect arts entrepreneurs to the people, skills and tools they need to build a successful artistic career in metro Atlanta. The organization was founded in July 2010 in response to a growing need for business services for Atlanta’s arts community. C4 Atlanta’s initial program offerings are geared toward creating a new foundation of sustainability for arts and culture in the Atlanta region.

Contributions made to C4 Atlanta and earmarked for boom are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. For more information about the C4 Atlanta contact by email at or by phone at 404-WOW-ARTS.